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Kept by aishuu as her fandom recs journal. Recs will be in a variety of fandoms.

I tend to rec things that strike my fancy for whatever my current fandom passion is. I'm heavily anchored in anime/manga fandoms, but I also have a fondness for good Harry Potter, West Wing, House, and anything related to Superman.

I also only rec things which are complete, so there's going to be a lot of oneshots, and a lot of really epic fics. Fics are tagged by author and fandom, and also filed in memories under fandom.

Rec Me Days:

Is a new feature for the community. On Mondays, I post a fandom, and request recs from people in the fandom. Hopefully the post will serve as a good "primer" for fandoms, since I admit my taste can be narrow. Also, incomplete fics are accepted in this meme. People are encouraged to pimp both their own and others' works.

Rec Me memes are kept by fandom, and under "Rec Me Days" in the memories. If there's a fandom you want to see featured, feel free to drop a note on the community.

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