November 11th, 2011

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Rec: To Be One of the Guys (Glee)

Story: To Be One of the Guys
Author: ladydreamer
Fandom: Glee
Genre: Character Study
Pairing/Character: Beiste, Kurt/Blaine
Summary: To find your place and protect yourself, well... These are hard tasks, and sometimes you have to choose just the one.

Squeeing: I'm with the majority of fandom when I say I love Shannon Beiste. I'm also with the majority of fans who thinks her reactions to Kurt's tryouts for West Side Story was out of character. I find the parallels between their situations obvious - Kurt as effeminate, Beiste as masculine - and I would have liked to believe Beiste would have gotten where Kurt is coming from better than any other staff member.

This fic provides a plausible backstory for what things fall out the way they do - it gets into Beiste's head well using second POV, and I can hear all of her pain. Kurt's strength is resounding in the end, and once again what hasn't killed him has made him stronger.

This fic isn't the explanation for that fiasco I want to believe, but it's a good one nonetheless. Reading the story reminds me of rotating a prism and show a different light on reality.

Excerpt: Some guys make fun of you too, but it’s easier with the guys, overall. None of them want to fix you. They sure don’t want to fuck you, and that makes it safe. Safe for you from their trying to make you normal, like that could ever happen, through shame or through condescending “help” on how to “be a girl.” And safe for them from having a woman around who might object to the Guy Talk, the camaraderie built around what women lack. Because you know what all those other women lack, what’s embarrassing about them. What you don’t want to be and at the same time intensely want to be because it would make things just

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