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Daily Fan Fiction Recs
November 5th, 2011 
recreadational 1
Story: Gotten
Author: anxioussquirrel
Fandom: Glee
Genre: Romance, Drama, Smut
Pairing/Character: Kurt/Blaine
Summary: Kurt and Blaine never got together. They remained best friends through high school and college, then parted ways. Now they meet again in difficult circumstances. A story about friendship, lost dreams and broken hearts, with a happy Klaine ending.

Squeeing: A divergence that contains good storytelling, interesting characterization, hot smut and a fluffy ending. What's not to like? There were two things that stuck out about this fic: one, how Kurt and Blaine's relationship is based on their friendship first and always; and two, the portrayal of Kurt's past abusive relationship is nuanced and believable.

Excerpt: It was August after our junior year when Kurt met Marcus. The damn charmer went up to him one day in our favorite café and started a conversation. Once they were on the subject of fashion, he had Kurt where he wanted him. Marcus told him who he was, showed him a couple of things he was working on that he just happened to have on him, dropped in a compliment or two and my boy was hooked. I’ve always thought it was suspicious that he coincidently found Kurt just as he had a chance to bloom with a serious competition. It was too convenient.
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