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Daily Fan Fiction Recs
Rec: Alone in the Light (Star Trek Reboot) 
28th-Oct-2011 11:18 pm
recreadational 1
Story: Alone in the Light
Author: j_green_teeth
Fandom: Star Trek
Genre: Mystery
Pairing/Character: Kirk/Spock, implied Scotty/Uhura, OC/OC, ensemble, Many OCs
Summary: When Ensign Bestine commits suicide during a long haul between starbases, Jim thinks it's a bad omen. When they find a crewman with his head bashed it seems he's right.

Squeeing: A solid whodunit that manages to capture the essence of NuTrek. I love this author's Kirk voice, the interaction with Spock, and the little details that make this feel like it's really on the Enterprise. It's 40K, and it kept me up late reading because once the ball gets rolling, it's impossible to look away. There's some really nicely done noncannon cast members, and enough geek winks to make a solid sci-fi fan laugh at the in-joke.

Excerpt: When they had set off a year ago Jim had known intellectually that a starship Captain was responsible for the lives and deaths of everyone under their command. Now he understood what that meant. Tonight it meant reviewing the scanty mission report they had put together on the disastrous away mission to Kumba 6-4. 'Dead men tell no tales,' he thought morosely before starting in.
29th-Oct-2011 05:37 am (UTC)
I only just noticed you started reccing again...

congrats! And welcome back :D
29th-Oct-2011 07:02 pm (UTC)
<3 I decided it was time to get unlazy. The recs serve as my ultimate bookmarks, and I missed having that chronicle. I think we're going to bee seeing a lot less anime and more "mainstream" fandoms, but that's where my head is at right now.
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