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Daily Fan Fiction Recs
Rec: Whispers in the Corner (Sherlock/Harry Potter) 
24th-Oct-2011 06:18 pm
recreadational 1
Story: Whispers in the Corner
Author: esama
Fandom: Sherlock
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Pairing/Character: Harry/Mycroft, Sherlock/Watson
Summary: Everything started with a stumble - his new life in a new world as well as his surprisingly successful career as a medium.

Squeeing: I think everyone has writers they will cheerfully follow from fandom to fandom like a puppy on a leash. Esama is one of those writers for me. What I especially like about this fic is how the old trope of "Harry falls into a different world" is given a gritty, but not suicidal edge. The idea for what Harry ends up doing with the Resurrection Stone is great, and as always, Esama is a consummate storyteller. This whole universe is very vivid for me.

Excerpt: But it is hundred times better than some of the alternatives and even while his magic would make him exceptionally good and successful thief or a burglar, it is simply not within Harry to go down that road. Being a medium is rather ridiculous – and he is cheating every step of the way. Anyone could've done it with the Ring after all. But still. It's something.
25th-Oct-2011 12:00 pm (UTC)
i love the fact that you matches him up with MYCROFT!! Its a nicely done story with layers that make it more than just whimsy, not that there is anything wrong with whimsy.
25th-Oct-2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
It was an interesting piece. Esama always had interesting ideas which sometimes seem to be rare in fandom.
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